This week, we’re shining a light on Catherine Hyde, founder of HooperHyde Legal Advisors and a key member within our Circle Networks community.

Catherine is an award wining force in the legal world, bringing a refreshing approach to business law whilst making a difference for her clients and those around her.

She’s one of those people that you need by your side, a trusted advisor, someone to confide in, and when you work with her, it prevents you NEEDING her services.

Advice in Plain English

Catherine has a great background in corporate law. Her experience advising a wide range of businesses, from startups to large organisations, gives her a unique perspective on the legal needs of growing companies.

Beyond her legal acumen, Catherine’s passion lies in building genuine connections with her clients. She strives to break down complex legal situations, providing clear explanations and personalised support, afterall, as entrepreneurs we don’t understand legal jargon, we want plain English.

Advice You Might Need

You’re good at what you do, after all, that’s why you started a business, but do you have someone advising you on contract law, negotiations, someone who understands the complexities of the law to keep you on the right path?

Who do you go to for business disputes? WHo do you trust to have by your side?

One of her clients said “Catherine is wonderful and I’m so pleased she was recommended to me. She isn’t someone you’d typically find in the legal space and it’s so refreshing. She’s been just brilliant with a recent legal review we needed. So much so, we’ve asked her to do another couple of pieces of work straight away!”

An Active Voice in the Circle Networks Community

Since joining Circle Networks, Catherine has been an incredible source of knowledge, support, and inspiration. Always ready to share insights or lend a hand, she’s become an invaluable resource for other members. Whether you need legal advice or just want a friendly chat at a networking event, Catherine always makes the time.

Her dedication shines through in her involvement with our events, both online and in-person; fearlessly stepping up to MC our inaugural conference last September and regularly hosting our popular Circle Networks LinkedIn Live sessions.

A Truly Genuine Person

What makes Catherine truly exceptional is her warmth and genuine desire to see others succeed. It’s no wonder she is highly respected and loved within our community. She embodies the spirit of collaboration and support that Circle Networks seeks to foster.

Congratulations, Catherine! You’re a valued member of our Circle Networks family, and we are so grateful for your contributions!

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