As a business owner we get you. You started your business for more freedom and flexibility right? You’ve a passion for what you do and you want to make a difference to your clients and your loved ones.

So why would we force you to do things you don’t want to do? You choose when you come, if you can’t make it… because of family or client commitments then we understand that comes first. Just send your apologies, and book for a different event.

Think of us as on demand networking (like Netflix – customise it to your needs).

Grow your business locally, nationally, internationally

Circle Networks is a dynamic business community founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – let us help you to build business connections and collaborations. With our foundations deeply embedded in the entrepreneurial spirit, along with our members, we are here to provide support, guidance, and growth for online business owners across the globe.

Would this help you?

  • Meet a wide range of business owners?
  • Access to people across the UK?
  • Improve your reach and find new clients?
  • Have fun conversations in a relaxed networking environment?
  • Save time and money with online events where you get to have great conversations?
  • You want to be part of a supportive community that cheer you on and help you to grow your business without feeling like you’re being forced to contribute
  • Choose when you network, on days and times that suit your schedule

ScaleUp Your Business

We have the ultimate bundle to help you to scaleup your business over the coming year, this is the ultimate earn more, work less toolkit.

  • Scale Up Accelerator live course – Learn the right steps to take at the right time to scale successfully over eight weeks and repeat as often as you like.
  • Circle Networks Live event – September 23rd 2024, a buzzing room of ambitious and successful business owners and an inspiring lineup of real people on stage. 
  • Action & Accountability workshops – Stay on track, motivated and achieving your goals.
  • Community of like-minded business owners – Enjoy being around people with similar aspirations and values as you all support and celebrate along the way.

What’s included:

For your monthly membership of £50+vat

  • Access to any of our daily networking events
  • Social media groups for promotion and visibility
  • Ongoing training & development workshops
  • Supportive business community
  • No big up front investment, just your passion
  • Speaking opportunities at our networking events
  • Exclusive member only offers
Jennifer McEwan
Jennifer McEwan
Didn’t know what to expect at my first meeting. New to networking and especially networking online but everyone was lovely - a really welcoming intro to Circle and I even got a client enquiry from it a couple of days after!!
John Cleary
John Cleary
In the past I’ve tried lots of different networking groups, but a bit like Goldilocks they were never quite right for me. Either stiflingly formal or so relaxed you never really got to know who you were in the room with unless you spoke to them. Enter Circle Networks in November ‘21 and I found what felt like home. Perfectly designed to ensure you get to meet as many people as possible through small breakouts plus interesting presentations from members. I was so impressed I had my Victor Kiam moment (if you know, you know) and by February ‘22 I was running my own group. I’ve not even got started on the time I’ve saved by not travelling because it’s all online, or how friendly and supportive every one is, or the friends I’ve made from it or the amount I’ve grown as a person and a business as a result. If I go on for too long I’ll lose your interest… So safe to say, would I recommend Circle Networks? Hell, yes! It’s free to try it out for 2 weeks. Even if the thought of networking terrifies you, this is where you need to start.
Sean Courtney
Sean Courtney
Review for Jamie Stewart and Circle Networks: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm the proud owner of "From Dusk Till Sean" and more recently, "Missing Piece Media". In the bustling world of social media businesses, it can be incredibly challenging to stand out, but Jamie Stewart and Circle Networks were instrumental in turning my dreams into reality. Within mere days of Jamie's guidance and the support of Circle Networks, my venture, Missing Piece Media, saw an astonishing growth from £0 to £7000. What's even more impressive is the supportive community Jamie has fostered; it’s focused on mutual growth, allowing businesses to flourish alongside one another. I cannot commend Jamie Stewart enough. His expertise, dedication, and genuine interest in the success of others are unparalleled. Meeting him and being part of Circle Networks isn’t just an opportunity—it’s a must for anyone serious about business growth. If you're contemplating the next step for your business and searching for a game-changing connection, look no further. I wholeheartedly recommend Circle Networks. Come and see for yourself the profound impact Jamie has had not only on my business but on countless others. It’s not just networking, it’s growth, mentorship, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs pushing towards success. Thank you, Jamie. Your support has been invaluable.
Lisa Harper
Lisa Harper
A great way to do business via connecting with like minded people who really want to get to know you and not just what you do Lots of development opportunities as well as a superb annual conference.
Bisfor Brand
Bisfor Brand
I think Circle Networks is destined to be hands down the best online global networking organisation for micro-business owners. With its 'relationships first' approach, Circle Networks is a shining example of how networking should be done. I attend on a weekly basis because I look forward to the interactive, fun sessions Jamie has curated. I proactively seek to support my Circle Networks connections through referrals and recommendations because I feel I know, like and trust them and want to help each and every one of them achieve their goals. There's no pressure to do this, it's a desire built on great relationships with likeable people. Circle Networks is evolving into an extremely powerful business growth tool for micro-business owners right across the globe. Over and above the core networking activity, there are also fantastic sales accelerator sessions and an annual in-person conference, the latter of which in my view, is set to become the small business networking event of the year. Circle Networks has been at the core of my business growth and I can't recommend it highly enough.
Zena Ali
Zena Ali
I'm so grateful to Jamie and Circle Networks. It's so much more than just networking: it's like being part of a tribe. I've found other networking groups a little bit painful, somewhat cold and entirely joyless, but I immediately loved Circle and the people it attracts. I've both bought services from, and sold services to, other members and, more importantly, built strong and lasting relationships. My business is in a completely different place to where it would have been without the support of these fantastic folks.
Sarah May
Sarah May
Usually I feel pretty drained after networking events, and especially online calls, however I felt really positive and buzzing after joining Circle Networks. What a lovely bunch of people. Not once did I feel nervous or self conscious.
My TrueNORTH - The Ethical Coaching Company
My TrueNORTH - The Ethical Coaching Company
I'd become so skeptical of networking (particularly online) with the perception they were little more than a salesfest! That is,...until I met Jamie! What Jamie Stewart has created is little short of brilliant. A thriving and growing community of like minded people, who work together to help, support and encourage each others to grow. Regular recommendations, and referrals by building relationships and taking the time go really understand each others businesses. And, the network training he provides ensures we lose our perceptions and operate in a highly effective and conducive manner to real and lasting impact. "It's as if, he's looked at what everyone likes and dislikes about networking and built it from the ground up with all that in mind. Finally, Jamie walks his talk. A walking encyclopedia of names and connections with whom he consistently makes warm and meaningful introductions. What's more, with a 2 week free trial and no minimum contract, what's not to love! See you there?
Claudia Hodgson-Rodriguez
Claudia Hodgson-Rodriguez
As someone who had never done networking, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I imagined it would be a Zoom call where everyone talks about their business. Being honest, I wasn’t sure it was going to be right for me but I had nothing to lose by going. Boy... was I wrong! Circle Networks isn’t just networking, it’s a family. In just a few months of being apart of Circle Networks, my attitude towards business and personal development has changed dramatically: I've expanded in my circle with people who get me and actually care (so I feel a little less lonely in the world of being a business owner) I've had guidance and made connections with people who have been in business for 20+ years (not some fitness professional turned business coach who doesn’t truly understand business) Constant accountability - I know that every time I step on a networking call someone is going to ask me what I’ve been working on since we last spoke, because everyone wants everyone to succeed. Not to mention, the laughter and fun we have on networking calls! Circle Networks is the networking group you want but didn’t realise existed.
Louise Myers
Louise Myers
Circle networks is like no other! I've often found the robotic structure of other networking groups boring and repetitive. Circle networks offers a more unique way of making real connections with people and is very inclusive. A supportive network community where you can guarantee support, inspiration and encouragement from others with conversations that matter and make an impact. I fully support and recommend Circle Networks to anyone looking for an interesting and fun approach to networking.

Ready to ScaleUp?

We’re so committed to helping you succeed, and we know that ongoing support, accountability and a sense of real belonging can be a game changer.

This bundle provides all the training, support and accountability you need, plus a community of nice, like-minded people, and it starts now until September 2024 and beyond. Plus, you can use the resources as much or as little as you like to suit your needs – no pressure either way.