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Our virtual events help you make new connections and a build strong network. With a focus on relationships, and conversations our networking events don’t lock out anyone, and members can visit any of our events around the country.


Virtual Networking

Our virtual events are designed to maximise your time to meet new people and build your relationships. Best of all we will always stay virtual for all our networking events.

Build your network

Networking is more than just meeting people; access help with referrals, suppliers, advice, mentors, recruiting and just being around like minded people for those days when you need to bounce ideas or let off steam.

Why Join Circle Networks?


Once you’ve joined you only have to pay on a month to month basis. Think of us as on-demand networking and no big investment decision or pressure.


Each group meets virtually on a fortnightly basis, you can then complement your own group by visiting others to expand your connections.


With more than half the meeting agenda in round table discussions, we have a focus on conversation rather than passively listening for the majority of an event.


Our virtual round table format with 4 people to a table, gives each participant a flexible 4 minute spotlight. Use it to talk for 60seconds and open for questions, or any other way you think works.


You know you’re different to others in your category, you have a certain niche, you connect with people in a different way so why should you be blocked? We don’t think so either.


With a wealth of experience starting and running networking groups, our founders have put this together based on exactly what people need right now

“Networking has changed forever, we’ve designed Circle Networks for the future, for you, for business.”

“If you’re networking for the first time, or a season pro we know you’ll get a lot from your networking with us. We believe in building strong relationships and that the business will then follow.”

Jamie Stewart

“Networking is not just about connecting with people, it’s connecting with the right people, those who can help you, have similar values and are willing to help.”


“Networking is more than just chatting to a bunch of strangers; it’s a vital business activity. We believe that networking with Circle can be transformational for you and your business.”

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