Let us shine a spotlight on Sophie Fenelon

A complete newbie just a few months ago, Sophie was brand new to networking when she joined last autumn and has blossomed during the time she has been a member.

Growing in confidence, embracing speaking opportunities, launching a new coaching program and winning new clients. She’s always happy to help and support others and we know she goes the extra mile for her clients.

Balanced Coaching’s Services & The Expertise Behind Them

Balanced Coaching takes a holistic approach to wellness, recognising the strong connection between your physical and mental health. Sophie Fenelon, working alongside fiancé Tony Vout, is a passionate and dedicated coach. Sophie’s own story is inspiring and transformation shines through in her work. She was new to networking not long ago and has truly blossomed, launching successful coaching programs, gaining new clients, and becoming a valued member of our business community. Once you meet her you soon realise that her warmth and dedication extends to her network as she goes the extra mile to support them.


Balanced Coaching offer the following key services:

  • Holistic Mindset Coaching:

    • Help to manage stress and anxiety to build resilience.
    • Develops healthy habits for a more integrated approach to overall wellbeing.
    • Draws inspiration from the Proctor Gallagher Institute, known for its focus on goal setting and personal development.
  • Clinical Pilates:

    • Addresses pain and discomfort.
    • Improves posture, strength, and balance.
    • Enhances flexibility and mobility, giving clients greater confidence in their bodies.


How You Might Benefit from Balanced Coaching

“Are you tired of feeling limited by physical pain or struggling to manage everyday stress? Balanced Coaching might be the solution you need. Sophie understands that true wellness means both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Their unique blend of mindset coaching could help you:

  • Feel stronger and more capable in your body.
  • Manage stress for improved overall mood and energy.
  • Develop resilience and confidence in tackling life’s challenges.

Getting Started

Sophie offers a free consultation to help you determine if their services are the right fit for you, why not get in touch today?