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The Ultimate Work Less & Earn More Toolkit








Scale up – Streamline – Collaborate

It’s time to create more freedom and more money. Dig out that vivid vision and let this value-packed toolkit get you there faster. 

If you’re in business, you’ve no doubt heard plenty of chatter about scaling, 4-day weeks, faster growth, 10 X, etc. 

You know you’d love more days off, and who wouldn’t want extra cash to enjoy them with? 

But it’s not that easy, right?  

Maybe you feel unsure of where to begin and a little overwhelmed at the thought of trying to figure it all out. 

What if I told you we’ve done the legwork and put together an exciting and highly interactive bundle that contains everything you need to get you there with clarity and confidence, and that one ticket gets you access to the whole thing?

Here’s what we came up with…

  • Scale Up Accelerator live course – Learn the right steps to take at the right time to scale successfully over eight weeks and repeat as often as you like.
  • Circle Networks Live event – September 23rd 2024, a buzzing room of ambitious and successful business owners and an inspiring lineup of real people on stage. 
  • Action & Accountability workshops – Stay on track, motivated and achieving your goals.
  • Community of like-minded business owners – Enjoy being around people with similar aspirations and values as you all support and celebrate along the way.

All this with one ticket at one price. No pitches. No upsells – just pure value. 

Early bird pricing until 23:59pm on 31st March 2024 save £100 – Only £250!!

This isn’t a one-day event or a few weeks on a course. We’re so committed to helping you succeed, and we know that ongoing support, accountability and a sense of real belonging can be a game changer. So this bundle provides all the training, support and accountability you need, plus a community of nice, like-minded people, and it starts now until September 2024 and beyond. Plus, you can use the resources as much or as little as you like to suit your needs – no pressure either way. 

This bundle is for you if…

  • You have an established business 
  • You want to work fewer hours but grow your profits
  • You know you have the foundations, but you’re ready for more 
  • The business hinges on you
  • You can’t take time off without worrying about work or seeing a drop in income
  • You’ve hit a glass ceiling and are ready to break through to the next level

However, it isn’t a good fit for you if..

  • You don’t have a business
  • You already work less than four days a week and have an abundance of money
  • You’re not prepared to take action
  • You don’t play nicely with others

What’s in the bundle…

ScaleUp Accelerator Live Course 

This live and interactive course is held over 8 weeks and will take you from having a ‘job’ to enjoying more time off and greater profits as a business owner. The first one starts 16th October 1-2.30pm.

You’ll start at the beginning to learn how to scale successfully and achieve the life you started a business for.

Here’s what you’ll cover: 

1. Ready, Set, Scale!

Get a clear picture of where you are now and how scaling might benefit you. 

2. Delegate to Elevate: Mastering Outsourcing

From planning to hiring to legals, identify the best tasks to outsource and when and learn how to find the right people whilst staying above board and compliant.

3. Virtual Dream Team: How to Assemble and Lead a Remote Workforce

Learn how to lead your team effectively for loyalty, efficiency and a sense of belonging.

4. Be a CRM Pro: Boost Sales and Customer Relations

Elevate your customer experience for repeat sales and raving fans. 

5. Automate to Dominate: Streamlining Your Business Processes

Get your business ticking along by itself wherever possible to ensure seamless processes and free up time and money.

6. Pounds and Sense: Planning for Business Growth

Understand your business finances so you can scale with confidence

7. Action Stations: Crafting Your Personalised Scaling Strategy

Create your 90-day personalised plan to bring the work less – earn more dream to life!

8. Tough Talks: Successfully Navigating Difficult Conversations

Lead with confidence when you understand how to handle the tricky parts of scaling and managing people

This 8-week online course takes place in weekly Zoom sessions and repeats every 2-3 between October and September so you can take it as many times as you’d like to really embed the learning and action.

Circle Networks Live 2024 – 23rd September 2024

Have you ever paid for an event or training only to find yourself in the mouth of a sales funnel?

Yeah, us too. It’s frustrating and can really detract from any value that has been given. 

That’s why we’re different. This live event is the pinnacle of your toolkit. A whole day in a room with peers that you’ve met and built relationships with during the events leading up to this date. 

When it comes to speakers, we don’t do celebrities at Circle Networks. Those people who feel so far out in front that it’s impossible to imagine yourself ever reaching that level. 

We know the real magic is in hearing from people who are like you. People who are far enough ahead to share pearls of wisdom but not so far that they’re actually out of touch with those earlier stages. 

So, on stage, you’ll see inspirational but real people sharing their stories and giving you value you can actually go away and implement. 

So here’s what you’ll get:

  • A full day of learning to leave you buzzing with inspiration and motivation.
  • Lunch plus all-day refreshments provided
  • Streaming service if you can’t make it in person (and recordings afterwards)
  • Networking opportunities to deepen those relationships
  • Quiet zones for when you need a breather 

Where? Eastside Rooms, Birmingham.

Action & Accountability Workshops

You know when you attend a live event or a course and your head is buzzing with ideas whilst your pad bursts with notes? 

You feel fired up and raring to go…

Then, a week later, the pad is on a shelf, and you’re back in your routine, nose to the grindstone. 

We know that feeling, too. So your toolkit includes these workshops in the weeks before and after the live event so you can keep that buzz of feeling motivated, taking action and making progress.


You’ll find a whole bunch of people who are a lot like you on the course and at the event. This means you can grow your network with like-minded business owners with similar goals to you. 

This is the perfect place to find collaborative opportunities, find and offer support, brainstorm and build really solid relationships.

So what are you waiting for… grab this amazing offer now