Unlock Your Full Potential with Lisa Harper

At Circle Networks, we’re not just a community; we are a vibrant entrepreneurial membership where our core value, “Friendship Fuels Business,” is not just an idea but a living, breathing ethos. This week’s spotlight shines brightly on someone who lives this principle in every action and interaction—Lisa Harper.

An inspiration to many within our network, Lisa consistently goes above and beyond to empower those around her. She’s made it her mission to nurture growth—not only within our professional landscape but also in the personal gardens of life ( Lisa loves gardening).

Imagine tending to a garden with dedication and patience, witnessing seeds transform into flourishing plants—a process mirroring the way Lisa guides individuals towards their full potential. Her LinkedIn profile tells us about her passion for cultivating both botanical beauty and human talent alike, we all need more people like Lisa in our network and our life.

While Lisa has had an impressive career in traditional HR, she explores holistic approaches that combine mind-body wellness with career aspirations—a true innovator forging paths toward fulfilment.

Coaching isn’t just what she does—it’s who she is at her core. By mentoring diverse groups from various walks of life through challenges towards goal attainment, Lisa doesn’t simply touch lives; she transforms them entirely.

Connect directly via LinkedIn, to find out more about her services to leaders in business and how she might help you.

Connect now; explore possibilities hidden within yourself unlocked by wisdom imparted by none other than our member-of-the-week—the exceptional mentor readying everyone willing: Meet your next inspirational partner-in-growth – Ms. Lisa Harper!

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