Transform Your Visibility in 2024

At Circle Networks, we love to celebrate individuals who are not just a part of our community but also showcase our brand values. This week, we shine the spotlight on an exceptional member – Helen Goad.

Helen stands out as a rising star supporting entrepreneurs and professionals looking to ramp up their visibility in 2024. She knows that while business owners understand the importance of being seen and heard, they are often restrained by inner doubts and anxieties—those little voices that whisper you’re not ready, you’re good enough, or who cares what you have to say.

With her down to earth approach, Helen offers more than just advice; she provides transformational experiences through her programs. Can you imagine starting a live broadcast feeling confident instead of stressed or attending an event bubbling with excitement rather than nerves. Can you picture yourself sharing content confidently without second-guessing every word or image.

Her philosophy is simple: show up as your authentic self—no masks, no hiding—and embrace true visibility. Under her guidance, Helen’s clients learn to shed worry, panic, anxiety, stress and overthinking—all barriers standing between them and their ability to be powerfully present in their business activities.

Her short courses priced at £299 until February 1st (then increasing to £349) and comprehensive programs beginning at £699, Helen’s offerings are both accessible and transformative—an investment towards living your dream life fueled by increased visibility leading ultimately to greater financial success.

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Are you prepared for this level of visibility? If so, connect with Helen today by dropping ‘Powerfully Visible’ in your message—make the decision to grab this opportunity because it’s time you stopped holding yourself back!

If you know someone who might need this transformation send them a link to the post, or put them in touch with Helen on LinkedIn.

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Let’s make 2024 the year where nothing holds us back from shining brightly!

Jamie Stewart

Founder – Circle Networks