Hi Jamie, in this weeks introduction we get to know Gillian Schofield who jointly runs our Taunton Circle Networks group – Dynamic Circle with Charlotte England.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love getting out for walks with my dog, Bodhi. He’s a lab x collie and my shadow. We live 30 minutes from the Jurassic coast, and there’s nothing better for blowing away the cobwebs than a windy beach walk! It’s so cleansing for your mind and body.

I also love curling up in a cosy nook with a good book and a hot cup of tea or watching a film on the sofa with my other half, Mike and the kids. Oh, and I love meeting a friend for coffee and lunch.

What’s your reason why?

One of them is so I can do more of the above! So I can feel less frazzled and enjoy life without the overwhelm. My partner’s job is really stressful. He works long hours and is often stressed and frustrated. My ultimate goal, actually, is to be able to say to him, “Go hand your notice in. We don’t need that money.” Bliss. That would make me so happy. My kids are obviously a huge driving force, too. Wanting to give them the opportunities I never had, be able to help them out financially and take them to see the world. Though they are all getting older now, so probably won’t want to come with us fuddy-duddies! 

What is your role?

I own Kustom Copy, so as any solo business owner reading this will appreciate, my roles are numerous! I’m the marketing, sales, accounts, delivery and development manager and the teams within those roles too! 

Who do you work with?

Service-based sole traders, micro-business owners and SMEs to help them raise their visibility and attract more of the people they want to work with using the copy and content they put out. I help them to build authority, trust and rapport so they can help more customers with their services. 

What does this involve?

For those wanting to outsource the work, my done-for-you services will involve me taking some time to get to know the client and their business. We’ll establish what you need or that the service you’ve requested is appropriate. Then we’ll discuss their target market and brand voice if they don’t already know this. Services include website pages, sales and landing pages, lead magnets, welcome sequences, newsletters, emails, blogs and social media, case studies and print and digital ads.

For those that don’t have the budget or desire to outsource, I am producing a few different affordable courses to empower small business owners by simplifying things that can feel difficult and therefore don’t get done. 

What’s your daily routine?

I always start my day the same way. I wake up at 6 am, go make a cup of tea and feed the dog and cat, then I sit in bed and write in my gratitude journal. After a shower, it’s off to feed and muck out the ponies at about 7.30 then home to eat and start work by 9 am. My work days are a mixed bag with no two days the same. Usually, some networking, 121s and client calls, client work, working on my own business, coaching, and live course sessions. As I work from home, there are also multiple trips to the kettle, the odd laundry task and lots of interruptions from pets and kids! Evenings are just as bonkers as it’s back to the ponies to give them tea and tuck them into the stable before heading home to cook tea! I’ll get to sit down by about 8.30/9 pm, and as I’m not a night owl, that gives me a whole hour to chill before bed at 10! There’ll be a dog walk in there somewhere too! 

How would your friends and family describe you?

Hmm… this is a tricky one as I always think others see you completely differently to how you see yourself. My dad once said, “at least you always know where you stand with Gillian!” I’m not backwards at coming forwards, put it that way. They’d probably say fiery, doesn’t take any sh*t but also kind, easy to talk to and welcoming. 

What’s happening in your business right now?

Ooh…. exciting stuff! I really enjoyed delivering my first course, Simple Content Marketing for Small Businesses, in August, and the feedback has been great. So it’s now rolling out again this month and next! It’s only £150 as I want it to be affordable for any small business owner. It covers the foundations of content marketing and removes confusion and procrastination by making it simple to follow so you can easily and consistently fill your content calendar. If you struggle with blank page paralysis or inconsistent content creation, or you just want to level up your writing, this is for you! 

There are also some super exciting collaborations happening to provide affordable training to small businesses! So watch this space for those!