Helping small businesses find their perfect advertising match.


This week, we celebrate Chris Monaghan and his incredible problem-solving abilities, perseverance and dedication to launching his new business, Spiky Carrot. 

Chris loves to solve problems and is passionate about creating helpful applications that make a real difference in the world. With a background in web development and a very techy brain that loves a problem to mull over, Chris’ past projects include a platform to create bespoke maths papers for students to practise areas they are weaker in and  Small Market, a website for independent and artisan creators to sell their handmade wares. 

While trying to find effective ways to advertise Small Market, Chris realised there were lots of opportunities out there for small businesses to target their ideal audience, but there was no easy way to find them. Opportunities such as magazines, notice boards, shop windows, banners at sports matches, sponsorships, back-of-toilet doors and many more were being missed, and small businesses were missing out on some highly effective ways to get more eyes on what they offered. 

Chris got to work to create a platform that could act as a matchmaker between the two. Spiky Carrot was born, allowing businesses and those with available advertising opportunities to list what they are looking for or have available and browse for suitable matches.  

If you’re a small business interested in finding your ideal advertising match or you have advertising space to sell, head over to Spiky Carrot today and create a free account to get started. 

Spiky Carrot is brand new, and while it will always be free to look for places to advertise, there will be a fee for listing your available space. However, while it gets off the ground and attracts more users, you can take advantage of an extended free trial with no card details required!

Chris joined Circle Networks while he was still building and creating the idea and the platform and has been a great example of how being part of a group of supportive, helpful and encouraging people can really shape your business, help you to launch and keep you accountable. 

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your start up business click here to email us.

Well done, Chris. Congratulations on a fantastic achievement. We can’t wait to watch Spiky Carrot grow.