Kickstart Your Business in the New Year: The Power of Networking

The first week back after the Christmas holiday can feel like an uphill climb for many business owners. But, it’s also full of potential and opportunity—especially when you immerse yourself in the energy of other entrepreneurs at networking events. Let me explain a how this right activity this January can have a big impact on your results.

Rekindle Your Buffalo Spirit

After two weeks away from the grind, you might find that getting back to work mode takes a bit more effort than expected. You might find yourself saying, just one more day off, or I won’t miss anything today. This is where being around fellow business owners comes into play. Being around people who are working, active and ready to help you makes a hue impact.

Remember to Be more Buffalo, Buffalo are the only animals in the world who when facing a storm, turn to charge towards it. Cows on the other hand turn to run away and end up enduring the storm for longer.

What Should You Ask For When Networking?

When you’re rubbing elbows with other professionals, remember that every conversation is a chance to learn something new or forge meaningful connections. Here are some thoughtful questions that could open doors:

  • “What strategies worked best for you last year?” – Learn from others’ successes (and failures).
  • “What could I do to help you this week?” – Get ready to find opportunity for others.
  • “Can we collaborate on a project?” – Explore mutual benefits; partnerships can amplify growth.
  • “Who else do you think I should talk to?” – Expand your network through warm introductions.

As well as asking these questions, be prepared to answer them yourself. Being networking ready gives you a huge advantage.

Don’t just seek answers; offer them too! By providing value first, relationships built tend to be stronger.

Why Start Back Strong in January?

Beginning of the year sets tone – It may sound cliché but starting strong in January does wonders:

  1. Momentum Matters: Like sprinters off their blocks, kicking off fast creates momentum which fuels progress throughout the year.
  2. First Mover Advantage: While competitors might still be snoozing post-holidays, seize opportunities they’re missing out on.
  3. Goal Setting Synergy: Aligning start-up efforts with fresh annual goals keeps objectives clear and actions purposeful.

Moreover, consider these early days as setting benchmarks—you’ll want to look back proudly at srong beginnings rather than slow starts by the time we get to the end of quarter one!

Embrace Action Over Hesitation

Procrastination can creep up easily after relaxing holidays—but resist it fiercely end embrace your Buffalo Spirit! Jump into activities that connect you directly with ambitious individuals within your network:

  1. Book your Circle Networks events in now for the month ahead and prioritise building your business.
  2. Be proactive in finding referrals for the people in your network. The more referrals you pass, the more you’ll receive.

Remember: Each interaction holds potential—a new client lead here, a cost-saving tip there—it all adds up!

To Wrap Up

Stop for a minute to image it’s the end of 2024, what you want to have achieved?

Think about the action you will need to have taken in order to get those results. Now in my case I’ll call that person, “successful Jamie”, every time I need to make a decision, where I need to Be More Buffalo and charge forwards, I ask myself, “what would successful Jamie do?”

Step into your future self today, and lets get started on achieving the results you deserve.

Ready? Set? Network—and let’s make this New Year count together!