I realised that we’d been winging it for far too long with all things brand related and needed to up our game. 

I hadn’t been specifically looking for help with branding but when I met Ailsa I knew she’d bring a huge amount of value and structure to the business, particularly in helping us to develop our strategy.

This was back in October 2022, not long after we had just passed 2nd birthday for Circle Networks, it was time to up our game and so I joined Ailsa Stinson’s Do One Thing Brand membership.

I’ll be honest this was a big step outside of my comfort zone, but within the first month I realised the benefit and felt like I’d already recouped my investment from a 121 with Aisla and her eyes on my brand for a whole call. The different perspective and feedback gave me a number of clear actions to get going on moving forward.

Fast forward 12 months. 

We shared our new brand values with our membership to rave reviews. But the interesting thing was how they impacted the leadership team, me in particular, helping me to identify from our values whether people were the right fit for us.

Then, September 2023, at our first National in person conference we revealed our new brand identity.

I’d made the decision in March 2023 that the time was right for a new brand identity. Our first logo had served us well, but with international expansion on the horizon, it was time for a fresh look that reflected the growing business.

With the newly completed brand strategy in hand, the process of briefing Frank Stebbing to create our new identity was very easy, in fact so good, that Frank took the brief and combined with his 5 step by step process, he achieved right first time approval on the new Circle Networks brand visual identity.

Around the same time, I needed some new copy for the website and an email campaign, using the same information I provided to Frank for his brief, Gillian Schofield was able to write a landing page and an email sequence within a few hours from the point of brief.

I’ve never quite been able to articulate exactly what I wanted when working with creatives, I have it in my head but the words never seemed to come out properly, does that sound familiar.

I want you to have a think about this. If you plan to work with creatives, graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, photographers, then I’d strongly recommend speaking to Ailsa about her brand strategy services to help you get your strategy out of your head and down on paper, to make it a tool that you can use not just for developing your brand but to brief your creative team.

Interested to know what our brand values actually are? Just click here.