This week, we’re shining a light on Phil Davenport, Managing Director of Affirm IT. 

Phil quickly became a much-loved member of Circle Networks. With his quick quips, big personality and generous nature, he’s a perfect fit for our ethos of friendship, building relationships and giving back. 

Phil has passed a number of great referrals in the network and is genuinely keen to help others grow their businesses. In his own company, Phil is always looking for ways to offer additional value to his customers and help them grow sustainably, and it’s this ethos that makes Affirm IT stand out.  

Affirm IT provides comprehensive IT support, problem-solving, and robust security services for businesses with over 5 staff, 30 staff members being their sweet spot throughout the East Midlands and surrounding areas.

They prefer to be thought of as your virtual IT director, always there and willing to go above and beyond to help you business grow and thrive.

One common problem Phil and his team come up against is businesses running on different systems, with computers all set up differently. This leads to everything being fragmented and difficult to manage. This can consume valuable time, money, and energy, often leaving the business vulnerable to security breaches. Affirm IT come in to standardise IT so it runs more efficiently, with increased security and room to scale more easily without the need and cost of hiring more IT personnel.

Phil and his team have a strong focus on providing excellent customer service – their average call waiting time is a mere 15 seconds!! As a small team of four, customers get a really personalised and friendly service. 

Affirm IT doesn’t sit around drinking tea waiting for problems to react to; instead, they take a proactive approach to detecting and preventing potential risks and problems, so you get fewer headaches and hold-ups.  

Despite being tech geeks, the best part is that they don’t bamboozle you with jargon and tech talk. You’ll get straight talking and plenty of laughs.  

If your IT is holding you back, get in touch with Phil on 0115 753 0123, or drop an email to