This week, we’re excited to feature Elliot Kay, founder of Speaker Express and a passionate speaker coach.

Elliot is on a mission to help people unlock their communication potential and transform into powerful, confident presenters.

Who is Elliot Kay?

Elliot Kay is our go-to recommendation in the world of public speaking. With years of stage experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to help everyone, from nervous novices to seasoned pros. He understands the challenges speakers face and has designed training programs to address those hurdles head-on.

And of course he’s spoken on stage at our Circle Networks Live event and will be co-MC at the 2024 conference.

What is Speaker Express?

Speaker Express is a speaker coaching company offering a range of programs and services:

  • Public Speaking Training: These programs build core skills like stage presence, storytelling, and audience engagement.
  • Pitch Training: Helps entrepreneurs and business leaders craft winning pitches that secure investment and clients.
  • Bespoke Workshops: Elliot works with organisations to provide tailored training for their specific communication needs.

The Speaker Express Difference

Speaker Express stands out because of Elliot’s belief in an experiential approach.  His coaching programs are highly interactive. Participants get on their feet, practice, and receive immediate feedback for rapid improvement. This isn’t about theory; it’s about real-world skill development.

Ready to Elevate Your Speaking?

If you’re looking to become a more impactful communicator, Elliot Kay and Speaker Express are ready to guide your transformation. Visit the Speaker Express website at, email, or call 020 8895 6419 to learn more.

Connect with Elliot

Let Elliot Kay show you the power of effective communication.  Invest in your speaking skills and watch as your confidence and impact take flight.