Achieving Your Goals in 2024: The Power of Who You Become and The Circles You're In

Happy New Year, entrepreneurs and business owners!

As we step into 2024 with fresh goals and aspirations, it’s crucial to reflect not just on what we want to achieve but also on who we need to become to get there.

Inspired by James Clear’s insightful book Atomic Habits, I’ve been exploring how our identity shapes our journey toward success.

This was my gift in our Circle Networks secret santa and it’s already having an impact for me!


Embrace the Identity of a Successful Entrepreneur

The first step is about shifting your mindset. Think about this: instead of saying “I want to have a successful business,” try adopting the belief “I am a successful entrepreneur.” This subtle change can profoundly influence your daily actions because when you believe you are already embodying that role, each decision aligns more closely with that identity. When you’re feeling stuck ask “what would future successful me choose to do right now?”

I’ve been using this over the Christmas break and it’s already having an impact on my actions, particularly those moments when I might choose the wrong thing.

Build Habits That Reinforce Your New Identity

Habits form the backbone of achievement. They’re the small decisions and actions that add up over time. For instance, if you see yourself as a creative writer for blogs or social media, make it a habit to dedicate time every week for creative thinking or learning new trends in your industry. If you see yourself receiving lots of business referrals, schedule time to find and pass referrals to the key people in your network.

Set Clear Intentions: Write down not only what habits will help you succeed but why they matter – connecting them back to your entrepreneurial self-image strengthens commitment.

Start Small: Big changes start with small steps. Implement tiny habits that gradually lead towards larger ones – like reading industry news for five minutes each day before checking emails. Saying them out loud really helps bring them to life. Just like we ask someone to remind us to go for milk later, we then remember ourselves without the need of a reminder.

Habit Stacking: Attach your new intentions with existing habits to increase the chance of making your new habit stick. Research habit stacking today. This is a real habit hack to get a major advantage on success.

Surround Yourself With People Who Reflect Who You Want To Be

Your environment significantly impacts behaviour – including the people around you. Within Circle Networks you spend time with people who share similar ambitions or have achieved goals to yours; their mindsets and habits often rub off!

Can you imagine being around people who lift you up, cheer you on and inspire you all the time?

Create A Supportive Network:

  • Connect Intentionally: Actively seek out connections who align with you and your business to support you during the highs and lows of business.

  • Friendship Fuels Business: Our strapline and foundational value,. Fostering a fun and supportive social atmosphere as the foundation for successful business collaborations and partnerships. 

  • Exchange Value: Remember relationships are two-way streets; adopt a Go Giver mindset to give support as much as you receive.

By building connections aligned with your desired identity, obstacles seem less daunting thanks mainly due partly because guidance is readily available at hand plus accountability keeps motivation high.

I see this happen week on week across our network. We’re the difference maker for so many people just like you.

Evolve Into The Entrepreneur You Need To Be in 2024

As James Clear highlights beautifully through his concept – true transformation occurs from within.. It begins by deciding which type person do I wish transform into?

Once established and firmly rooted in your mindset, everyday choices start reflecting your new persona leading to better choices, action and achieving your goals in the year ahead.

I know this year I’ll be building on the foundations of the last 3 years in Circle Networks and continuing to develop the business and myself to support ambitious entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.

Success is waiting for us all if you’re ready to step up and take action in the year ahead.


Founder – Circle Networks