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Our online networking format

Our CIRCLE 90 minute online networking events follow a structured and relaxed format.

  • At each event we have a short welcome
  • 3 small breakout sessions for networking
  • 2 short member presentations
  • Events are chatty and interactive and we encourage people to stay unmuted during the breakout rooms

Get Connected online events run for 60 minutes

  • 60 minute online events
  • Start with a round the room quick fire 10 second introductions by everyone of who you are and what you do
  • You then will have 4x 7 minute 121 meetings
  • Before we end the event with a final round the room where everyone shares their “ask

What people say about our events


“Where shall I start?! It’s a group of humans who actually care about you and your business – not just whether they can make a bit of money off you. Networking sessions are always run well and always made to make everyone feel welcome. There’s a huge amount of knowledge from everyone so you’re pretty much guaranteed to take something away from each session. Plus, everyone is so friendly…personally for me it’s made me feel less lonely in the world of business which I am forever grateful for 🥺

Claudia Hodgson-Rodriguez


“THE best networking company on the planet! The REAL connections made with deeper relationships that follow.The breakout rooms are awesome for finding out whether someone is your person or not. The 121s booked are people referring are way more often than any other networking I’ve been to. It’s a real sense of community where people go back to and commit to the same meetings and as a Brucie bonus, Jamie is super supportive, full of ideas, and always thinking of how to make Circle Networks even better..”

Debbie Crompton


  1. “Relationship building not pitching. Building genuine connections that you want to refer people to others without feeling like you’re just ticking boxes. Actually getting to talk for longer than 45 seconds. Help and support in breakout sessions.

Melanie Foley

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