For me, I think the top 4 reasons would be – lack of confidence, being too busy, impatience, and a general lack of understanding about the benefits of networking.

I want to look at each one of these in turn…

Starting with Lack of Confidence

This can manifest in a few ways –

1 – Fear of not being able to contribute or reciprocate in a networking environment with referrals – Why? Because they really do want to help others!

It’s the people who don’t care who tend not to be good at referral marketing.

So if you’re concerned about being able to contribute to the process of networking, you’re probably going to be just fine.

2 – For others, the lack of confidence comes from nervousness at the initial thought of meeting and interacting with new people.

If this is you, then invite someone to go with you who you feel is Super Confident at meeting people and get them to introduce you.

3 – Finally, the lack of confidence can also manifest as a fear of rejection.

We’ve all be rejected at some point in our lives.

It happens — and it doesn’t feel so great.

We meet new people, and they don’t seem very interested in us.

Some will, some won’t — so what?

Do you recognise any of these as the reason you resist networking?