When we talk about networking, innovation, and new business success, one name that stands out in Circle Networks- is Chris Griffiths, the visionary co-founder behind the start-up company Voicon. With Voicon, Chris Griffiths and the team have brought a high tech solution typically only available to big businesses, now affordable to SME’s by building skills for Amazon Alexa devices that can connect businesses directly to their customers, demonstrating that the future of technology and communication is here and now.

Chris’s success wasn’t quite how he planned it.

When Chris first walked through our virtual doors, he carried a deep-seated belief that real networking, the kind that fosters solid relationships and lucrative deals, could only be accomplished through face-to-face events. But as we have all experienced, the world is changing. Technology is evolving, and so are the ways we communicate and do business.

In less than a year, Chris leveraged Circle Networks and our online networking community to innovate not just their offer but their marketing approach, proving that powerful networking doesn’t require a firm handshake and an in-person meeting. It can be done online, breaking down geographic barriers and opening up a world of opportunity. Since joining Circle Networks, Voicon has already secured an astounding £75,000 worth of business contracts. This tremendous achievement wasn’t a matter of chance; it was the product of simple strategy and built on relationships.

Have you ever felt like you need some help to refine your offer to unlock huge opportunities?

Our community helped Chris refine his offer, enabling him to present it in a way that appealed to a wider audience, and most importantly, potential clients. As his offer resonated with more and more entrepreneurs with the community, introductions turned into meaningful conversations, conversations into relationships, and relationships into successful business collaborations.

Chris’s story didn’t stop there. Not only did he manage to optimise his business strategies and sign up exciting client opportunities, he also took on a leadership role. Within his first month he made the decision to start his own Circle Networks group, the “Legendary Leicester” group – a testament to his passion to foster a supportive and collaborative networking environment. This online group meets every other Tuesday from 1-2.30 pm, bringing together diverse business minds, aspiring innovators, and industry leaders in an engaging and inclusive online setting.

In our collaborative events we leverage the power of Zoom to foster conversations for groups of 3-4 people at a time in breakthrough rooms. Yes, so make people make breakthroughs in the virtual rooms, building relationships and taking those first steps towards overcoming the obstacles in their business.

It has been exciting to see how far Chris has come in a very short space of time, from a sceptic of online networking to a champion of it. This transformation is a testament to the power of openness to new ideas, adaptation, and most importantly, the capabilities of business communities like Circle Networks. Chris’s story demonstrates that in our digital era, networking isn’t confined to early morning breakfast events or business lunches. It can happen online, allowing your businesses to reach further, build stronger relationships, and achieve unprecedented success.

Of course there are huge time saving advantages to online networking, not having to travel to get to events can save busy business owners 2-3 hours per week in travel time that can be put to better use in more financially rewarding activities.

Chris Griffiths and their new startup tech business Voicon serve as a great example of how embracing change, particularly when he originally was resistant to online networking, can lead to incredible success. We’re very happy to be part of their journey, and we’re excited about what the future holds for them and for all our members who are willing to embrace the power of online networking. Here at Circle Networks, we believe in creating opportunities, fostering connections, and empowering businesses, one member at a time.

His strategy was simple

  • Chris made the most of his free 14 day trial to visit as many online events as he could.
  • He made Wednesday mornings his regular networking time and committed to every week.
  • When he had time in his schedule he visited the other groups on other days to meet more people and build new connections.
  • Then, as a member he compiled 3 presentations to educate people on their services and what voice technology actually is, and then shared them in member spotlights over a series of months.

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