I’m excited to welcome YOU to Circle Networks 

Let’s get started on building your future. First things first, over the next couple of days you’ll receive some emails from me, but right now we have two things for you to do:

Firstly, go ahead and request to join our two Circle Networks Facebook groups.

Secondly, email jamie@circlenetworks.co.uk with a headshot of yourself and your answers to the following questions so that we can announce you to the world on our social media channels.

  • Introduce yourself:
  • Tell us about your business:
  • Why have you joined:

Here’s a recent example from Amanda:


Hi, I am Amanda Daniels-Allen, the Founder of Koogar, which is a Marketing Consultancy based in Warrington, focusing on Customer Journey and Experience.

About my business…

I started my career off as a Graphic Designer, then went into Web/Internet Technologies building Liverpool Football Clubs first website in 1997. I started my own business (Koogar) in 2006, which started as a Full Marketing Agency, now focusing on the element of marketing I’m most passionate about, Customer Journey. Helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs attract more clients and create self-sustaining marketing strategies.

Why I joined….

I’ve been networking since I started my business and have been to everything, however, the push, hustle and take from most networking events doesn’t make me feel good. I joined Circle because its nature is to be helpful, to create lasting relationships and do things naturally. Circle is easy to be a part of and attracts the same type of people as me!

I look forward to see you at our events very soon,


Founder Circle Networks