Would you like more referrals from your networking?

Do you go networking but don’t get referrals? Do you find it hard to explain how people can help you?

We’ve created something completely unique and wanted to share it with the world, but first we’re starting with our Circle Networks tribe – we call it the Networking OneSheet.

Does this sound familiar? The people you meet seem like they want to help you but then nothing ever happens after the event? Compared to others that you know who seem to get inundated with referrals!

What if you could make it really easy for people to help you?

Perhaps a change to your process might help? Most people are busier than ever now that lockdown has ended, it seems they’re all busy but maybe not productive. So as soon as the networking event finishes they rush off to catch up with all those urgent but not so important tasks and helping you slips away from them.

What if you had a simple one pager… a Networking OneSheet that you could send to someone right after the networking event to make it really easy for them to help you? This way you’ll find out if they were genuine about helping or not, or maybe it’s relationship building that might be the thing to focus on.

Create your Networking OneSheet today.

It has all your contact details, who you want to meet, how to introduce you and a testimonial on it, everything on one sheet to help someone to help you.

We created this Networking OneSheet to help people understand exactly what we’re looking for and to know what to do in order to help us, and it’s catching on with our clients and members.

We produced our design using a resume template on Canva. It has a wide range of templates that you can choose from to create your version or maybe even just create a Word document version. Don’t procrastinate over the detail get started on yours today and share it with the people you meet.

Can you create your Networking OneSheet today to help you increase your referrals?