in this weeks team feature I’m introducing the legend that is Martin Pemberton who co-hosts our Bromsgrove Circle Networks Limitless group with his partner Naomi Jordan.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working I love to get out for walks into nature with Naomi and our Cockerpoo Ted. 

I love listening to audiobooks and discovering new ideas and ways of thinking. Personal development is a massive part of my life and has been for a decade now. 

I like spending time with friends and family (the ones that I like anyway)! I also love spending time alone as I’m a bit of an introvert at heart. 

I’m also partial to a bit of time on the Xbox, oh and drinking tea, has to be Yorkshire Tea though!  

What’s your reason why?

I think we’re here to learn, to love, to grow and to have the best possible time we can while we’re here and the quality of our relationships underpins all of that. 

There’s a lot of people who haven’t found a way to do that and if I can help enough people improve their relationships then that will be all the reward I need. 

That’s my why. 

What is your role?

I don’t like labels or roles as they’re forever changing. 
However I’d have to say, Coach/ Mentor/ Friend at Just 1 to 11 it. 

Who do you work with?

Primarily we work with couples who want to take their relationships from good to great. What we know and coach though is that that is only possible by each person taking the relationship with themselves to great, everything else unfolds naturally from there. 

What does this involve?

We work with people in many ways, they can come to us for ‘The Power of an Hour’ where in just one hour we help people to transform the way they look at the problem they have and find solutions. 

We work with couples, individuals and groups taking them through our Fundamental Five ‘C’s program for a Happy, Healthy relationship. 

Or we take them through our 11 step programme to take their relationship from good to great, transforming their lives forever (if they put in the work). 

What’s your daily routine?

Wake up, kiss Naomi, go downstairs and make a cuppa, do some social media posts, get showered and dressed.

Kids go to school and then we walk the dog where we usually come up with ideas to record our social media content. Then it’s either online networking at this awesome networking group or client calls and messages up until 3pm. 

Eat dinner and have screen free time with kids from 4pm-6pm.  Some more client calls and messaging between 6pm-8pm before having a bit of downtime before bed at 10pm.
Kiss Naomi goodnight and go to sleep! 

How would your friends and family describe you?

However they choose to and I’m good with that!

What’s happening in your business right now?

We’re really excited about ‘The Power of the Hour’ with us because of the incredible impact it has on people. Completely change the way you think about yourself and your worries for the investment of just £99!

Also take your relationship from Good to Great using our Fundamental Five C’s online 4 hour workshop which is on Sunday 13th November 11am- 3pm for the investment of just £149. 

If you’d like to see and hear more of Martin then click to visit the Limitless Group here.