In this weeks team feature we’re getting to know the inspiration that is Julia Williams

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

 In my dreams, I pamper myself regularly in a spa. Still, in reality, I am a taxi driver to two boys [Roman 13 and Fabian 12] between various sporting and social activities whilst looking after a very pampered pooch called Rio. Those boys have a better social life than me!!

I love going on long walks and catching up with my friends, putting the world to right followed by a large glass or two of wine.

I’m passionate about cooking [although I don’t do it often enough], I find it relaxing and comforting. One of my goals for next year is to attend a cookery course. 

Playfully I’m called the ‘first lady of Strictly Worcestershire’, I enjoy raising money for charity by doing various challenges. I have jumped out of a plane, walked across hot coal and organised many successful charitable events. 

What’s your reason why? 

  1. My sons are my why, they are my everything! It is important for me to spend quality time with them and create precious memories. Although as they get older it is getting harder to do because mum is no longer cool and they would rather be with their friends!! I want my boys to enjoy life and experience things that may push them out of their comfort zone by taking a chance. I want them to see the world as full of opportunities. 
  2. I am who I am because of my parents. They came into this country as children, they grew up with very little but with hard work and determination, they have become incredibly successful. They are my role models. They have shown me what can be achieved through hard work and drive.  
  3. I am privileged enough to have had a number of people come into my life at various points. They have each guided me, given me opportunities and helped me grow both professionally and personally. This has inspired me to pay it forward and help others. I am passionate about supporting and championing others, this gives me much fulfilment. 

What is your role? 

My role at home? Mum, teacher, taxi driver, counsellor, referee, cleaner, dog walker, cook….. the list goes on!! 

My role at work? I am CEO [Chief Energy Organiser!!] and Managing Director of ADD Marketing. My role at work is to be a positive influence and get the best out of people. Most of my time is spent building relationships and meeting prospective clients. I also oversee my team, they help companies stand out from the crowd! They act as a fresh pair of eyes to help clients get more leads, and sales and retain current clients. 

Who do you work with? 

  1. We work with passionate, dedicated and serious companies that want more. More clients, more business, more money.
  2. SMEs and larger companies with ambitious growth plans but are unsure of how to achieve their goals.
  3. Companies that have grown to a point that they can no longer do the marketing in-house and would benefit from outsourcing to an individual. 
  4. Companies that are struggling to get enough leads. We can help! 

What does this involve? 

It’s all about business development and a return on investment!  

We are a full-service marketing company with a team of 8 professionals specialising in a variety of marketing disciplines. ADD Marketing offers all tactical marketing solutions, including but not exhaustive, website design and engaging experiences, PR and marketing communications, creative branding, engagement, intuitive user experiences, lead generation, telesales, digital marketing and client email campaigns,  essentially we offer a range of services that will help our clients get noticed. 

We listen to our clients [they are the experts in their field!] We gain an understanding of who they are and what they do. We find out where they are now within their business, who their target audience is, and what are their long, medium and short-term goals. 

This is where the magic begins! 

We then create and implement a marketing strategy that is designed to help our clients achieve their goals and get a return on investment. It is in the fulfilment of a client’s long-term business objectives that our input makes the most compelling difference.  

What’s your daily routine? 

I wake up at 5:30 am most mornings. I read a positive affirmation first thing and then get up to walk my dog. I then meditate and say a prayer focusing on things for which I am grateful. Recently I have taken part in an abundance challenge which consists of small tasks and meditation done daily. 

7 am, my children wake up, and it’s a mad hour of getting them dressed and fed and off to school. 

Whilst I am getting dressed I always listen to a podcast to inspire me and set me up for the day. I tend to listen to ‘Jay Shetty, ‘Len Brown’ or Lisa Nichools’. 9 am I usually go to the office where I ‘try to spend some focused time working on my business. I then head out for most of the day networking and meeting clients.  

Around 5 pm I go home and spend some time with my boys, ensuring homework is done and tea is made before we spend some time watching a comedy together. Once the boys have gone to bed I catch up on the Daily Mail shenanigans and some sort of reality TV to unwind. 

How would your friends and family describe you? 

I asked them as I wasn’t sure: 

  • Funny, kind, ….. a chocoholic!  
  • Outgoing, hardworking, positive …. Always putting  others first  
  • Fun loving, cheerful, lovable, good sense of humour 
  • Humble and unassuming, doesn’t care who gets credit, she thrives on success. 
  • Natural-born leader
  • She has big ideas and will see them delivered
  • Known for her dedication to work and love of local charities. 

What’s happening in your business right now? 

We are focused on helping our clients attract more leads and win more business through integrated marketing using a combination of traditional and digital marketing activities. We are flexible in our approach, clients are able to use a range of our services. We amend packages to suit budgets. Packages start at £500.

As you can see from the image below, we are currently a team of 8 people but due to the demand we looking to grow the team and expand our service offering and partner with other complimentary businesses. We will also be branching out into the marketing training sector.

We can either show you how to improve your marketing and customer journey or we can take the burden off you and do the work for you, leaving you to reap the benefits.

Let’s connect

Looking forward to meeting you all at Circle Networks, I am the group leader for ‘Infinity Circle. I would also love to connect via LinkedIn just click the button below.